About Us

Just a couple of guys….

Just in case you want to know who we are, here are more details than you were probably hoping for.  See if you can figure out who the closet extrovert is!

Armin Armbruster – Bass

Our bass, both in terms of voice and keeping things going.  And yet, probably the tallest in the group.  And given that this group is anything but short, that says something.  He hang glides.  He’s a Research Scientist by day. And if you listen really closely, you just might hear hints of a German accent.

Paul Hopkins – Baritone

Paul is the rock voice in our midst.  Or the rocky one.  There is debate.  He is also the only one with real performance training since he is actually an actor by day. (Check out his IMDb page).  Which also means he has by far the best headshot.

Dave Willms – Baritone

Dave is technically a mechanical engineer, so he really understands the mechanics of singing…  Maybe not so much the dancing side…  But if we ever need to sing while canoeing, he is your man!  No problem doing both of those well simultaneously.  And just so darn good at back country travel.

Geoff Vanderkooy – Tenor

Unclear what to say about this one.  He tends to mess up the website.  But can occasionally spell things corrrectly.  And he seems to be the only one willing to answer the phone.  He is one of the three of us who bike in the winter (idiocy tends to stick together).

Jon Cressman – Tenor

Jon is typically at the high end of the frequency spectrum. (Can you tell that a lot of us are technical?) And helps run IT at the University of Waterloo by day. He tends to wear the more interesting t-shirts of the group.

Nancy Kidd – Director, Encourager, Resource, feminine presence (i.e. good taste)

Though she doesn’t have to help us, she seems to love to. And boy are we glad she does. It really helps to have someone to tell you what you are doing wrong. And right. And to tell us when it makes her shiver. And she occasionally adds a bit of piano or a voice when we really need it. Though technically a retired high school music teacher, you wouldn’t know she was retired because she is pretty busy.

Group Shots

You may download our photos for promotional purposes:

The ones show below are poor quality versions of the links above.

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